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A Lesson from a Queen by NantheCowdog
A Lesson from a Queen
The young lion made his way into the gorge, ready to finish his patrol and go back to pride rock for dinner. He made his way to where the Pridelands and Outlands meet. A place where a natural spring trickled from the walls if the canyon, causing little springs to pop up. 
He had seen a few wonderers make a night down there, and he knew since the hot days were upon the land, he knew they're was probably one or two down there. If there was any, he would run back to Priderock and get his brother-in-law, Kovu. 
He paused as a smell met his nose, he processes it. A outlander, for sure, a older female, possibly. 
He walked around the corner, and there she was, lounging in the shade of the wall, letting the water flow around her. 
He never seen her before, he felt the hair on his back raise, he decide he could take her himself. 

Kion was a proud, cocky teen, he thought he could take on a full grown lioness. He growled, and crouched towards the ground.

Neema pretended not to hear, but she could smell the young prince. Neema knew of his attack, while he was young and fairly strong, she knew even at her old age, she was as strong-if not stronger- than him. 

She waited.

Kion sprinted towards the lioness, letting out a high pitched roar. He pounced her and- A heavy handed paw hit his cheek, nocking hum to the ground. 

He overestimated his attack, he had given the old lioness-who was still amazingly swift- time to get to a siting position and time to ready a heavy paw for the prince.

He picked himself up, trying to get the wind back into him. "D-do you know who I am?" He growled.

Neema looked down at him. "And you about I?"

"You're just some rouge, probably." He said, standing back up, "and my sister won't be very happy you hitting a guard!" 

"And half of your citizens won't be happy that you hit their queen." She said sharply.

"You're crazy I oughta-" he paused and looked up. "Neema." He backed up.
The lioness was scared, but no weak by any means. She was muscular and as healthy as she was when she was Kion's age. 

"I- sorry." He said, he lowered his head in respect. "Forgive me, my queen." 

Neema shook her head. "Now don't worry, I'm not gonna behead you or take away your fathering rights." She grinned. 

Kion tensed up at that sentence, but realizing he was not going to be harmed, he stuck out his chest. "But what are you doing on Pridelander land? You know-"

"I am old, and as law allows, any lion past breeding age is allowed to enjoy any hot spring or any natural spring in the Pridelands or Outlands." Neema replied. "You know that, son?" 

Kion grumbled, "well now I do." He said rubbing his cheek.

"Well consider this your first lesson in what happens when you attack a old water buffalo like me." Neema cackled.

Kion rolled his eyes.


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